4 Ways to Slay Interview Anxiety

In today’s world, people are often judged by their living standards, and only a good job can provide a decent lifestyle. Whether you’re just getting started or going after your dream job, there is a lot at stake in an interview, and it’s normal to feel anxious about doing well.

Thankfully, interview anxiety is a problem for almost everyone, so researchers have spent a lot time determining the best way of feeling confident when it comes to interviewing. Here are the four most important steps you can take toward nailing your next interview.

Get a full night’s sleep before the test

The same anxiety that makes interviews such a scare can also keep us from getting to sleep the night before the interview. However, sleep experts have proposed several strategies that can help us get some shut-eye and look sharp on the big day. You might consider taking a warm shower before going to bed. Moreover, source of light, like our mobile phones, laptops, and other electronic devices also have a bad impact on our sleep. Limiting the intake of caffeine also helps us to fall asleep more quickly.

Remember successful moments from your past

When coping with interview anxiety, one helpful strategy may be to find ways of staying positive. Of course, positive feelings ought to be based in something to be believable. According to a career coach, try remembering a presentation you feel proud of, or a test that you did well on back in your school days. After bringing yourself back to those successes, envision yourself doing as well at the interview. This strategy serves the double purpose of giving you something to impress employers with, as well.

During the interview, try to focus primarily on yourself

The behavior of others is always a key source of anxiety. During the interview, try not to focus too much on others in the room, especially if they seem disengaged, and just focus on doing your best.

The behavior of others is always a key source of anxiety. Especially if one of the interviewers seems disengaged, it may be easy to get discouraged. The feeling of being judged never fails to bring about anxiety. While this reaction is nature, you should by no means feel the obligation to cover up in shame. Focus on what you can bring to the company, and move forward with the interview as best you can.

Reduce self-consciousness by interviewing the interviewer

When interviewing for a job, you can expect be asked many questions about yourself. This is good, as you’ll want the opportunity to pitch yourself to the interviewer and put your best foot forward. However, these questions can make you feel self-conscious at times. To avoid this, trying shifting the focus off of yourself by asking your interviewer some questions. For example, after explaining what success means to you, ask your interviewer what success looks like in the role you’re interviewing for. This shifts the focus from you to the interviewer while also demonstrating that you’re interested in being successful should you get the job.

While the idea of interviewing may never set our minds at ease, these steps can help you set aside your anxiety and do your best when trying out for your next job. The beautiful thing about overcoming anxiety is that it has a snowballing effect. By getting yourself in a confident frame of mind this time, it will be all the easier next time around.